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Prices & Occupancy

Basic charge 2 to 9 nights for 2 People EUR 95,00 pro Nacht
Each additional person from 14 years EUR 15,00 pro Nacht
Each additional children 3 to 14 years EUR 7,00 pro Nacht

For longstays we can offer different rates.

Kalender von belegungskalender-kostenlos.de

All prices include towels, bed linen, satellite TV, final cleaning and taxes. The complete Amount is to be paid in cash on arrival. For some stays, a deposit may be required. We expect you only at 15:00 on the day of arrival and until the handover of the apartment until 10:00 on the day of departure.


Since we all know the importance of a successful holiday today, we have tried to create all the necessary conditions for this. This also includes clear legal rules that unfortunately belong to it. Herewith we give our terms of lease for our apartments in Eltville, Burgstr. 3 known. The rental conditions are also the process of booking and payment. By booking, you agree to these terms and conditions.

1. Contracting and Payment
The accommodation contract is concluded when the provider confirms the booking request of the guest by telephone or in writing by mail, e-mail and / or fax and thus accepts the booking (application acceptance). With the booking confirmation you will receive the request to pay a down payment. The deposit must be received in our account within 21 days of receiving the booking confirmation. Is the Down payment not within the specified period with us received, we interpret the non-payment as withdrawal from the contract by the tenant. The payment of the balance / total amount is in cash on the day of arrival. The guest accommodation contract obliges guest and landlord to Compliance and comes only between landlord and guest, as well the persons accompanying him and registered persons conditions. The guest is required to provide truthful information about the Number of people occupying the apartment. The apartment is available for the maximum in the Booking confirmation after mentioned number of persons to Available. The occupancy with a beyond Number of persons requires the previous written Approval of the provider. The price for the transfer of the Apartment increases in this case on the corresponding occupancy calculated by the provider in general Price.

2. Resignation by the renter:
The tenant can by written before the beginning of the rental period Statement to the landlord of the lease step back. If the tenant withdraws from the lease, he has flat-rate replacement in the following amount:

  • in case of cancellation up to 30 days before arrival 50% of the rental price
  • in case of cancellation up to 14 days before arrival 80% of the rental price
  • in case of cancellation up to 7 days before arrival 90% of the rental price
Decisive is the time of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal at the landlord. We recommend a cancellation insurance.

3. Arrival and departure:
To prepare the apartments for the next guests, the apartment is to leave until 10.00 clock. The journey is possible from 15.00 clock. We are happy to be consulted and Availability also allows later departure.

4. Early departure:
Early departure is not refundable of the rental price.

5. Booking information:
For a booking we need

  • Your first name, surname,
  • the names of the hirers,
  • and your full address
  • phone number and (if available)
  • email address.

6. Handover when leaving the apartment:
We would like to ask you, the apartment in a neat Condition (broom clean) to leave. This includes the rinsing of the Dishes, the separation and disposal of your waste in the for provided containers.

7. Liability:
The renter and his escorts are fully liable for caused damage to the inventory, the apartment or on House. Any damage should be communicated to us immediately and usually can through your personal liability insurance be regulated.

8. House rules:
Under certain circumstances (occurs very rarely, eg Fuse box in the apartment) it may be necessary the landlord the apartment without the knowledge of the guest must enter. Please call us here for the emergency Mobile phone number that we use during your visit Stay with us can reach.

9. Pets are not allowed:
Pets are not in the apartments, in the house, nor on allowed on the site.

10. Smoking is not allowed in the building:
The smoking in the apartment and in the house is not allowed. Outdoors you have the opportunity to do so.

11. Termination by the landlord:
The landlord can cancel the contract before or after the start terminate the lease without notice if the Tenant despite prior request the agreed payments (Down payment or final payment) does not make on time or yourself otherwise behaves contrary to the contract in such a degree that the Landlord a continuation of the contract not to is to expect. The guest has to leave the apartment immediately. The Landlord can in such a case from the tenant replacement of up Expenses incurred and the loss incurred Demand profit. A claim for refund of the Rent does not exist in this case.

12. Price reduction:
In the case of a short-term failure of furnishings, the there is no public service or force majeure Claim for price reduction. Deficiencies in the apartment are Immediately inform the landlord. The guest grants the Lessor a period of 24 hours to correct the defects. Later complaints will not be accepted. Price reductions due to defects are based on the common practice in the hospitality industry and are the subject of the agreement with the landlord.

13. Consumables:
Our apartments are equipped with a basic equipment Toilet paper, dishwashing detergent and rags equipped. Additional needs are charged to the renter.

14. Severability clause:
Should be one of the rental conditions described above be invalid, so this is by a meaningful on next coming regulation replaced. The others Rental conditions remain unaffected and continue to apply.

15. Jurisdiction:
Place of jurisdiction for all arising from these terms or the Litigation resulting from leases is the competent District Court Eltville. First, however, should be in any case trying to settle disputes out of court.

16. Address and contact details:
Weinstube Yellow House
Burgstr. 3 | 65343 Eltville on the Rhine

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